We are your go-to supplier for wellness products and holistic health supplements. From daily vitamins to toothpaste, we have everything you need to support your health-conscious lifestyle. Our entire product line has been carefully selected by our educated staff, practitioners, and doctors to ensure purity, potency, and efficacy.

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Natural D-Hist

Summer is here and so are seasonal allergies. Get all-natural relief from respiratory and sinus congestion and balance your immune system.

Essential-C and Flavanoids

Give your health a boost! Energize your immune system, strengthen your blood vessels, and increase your antioxidant levels.

HMF Multi Strain (Probiotic)

Optimal gut health means better overall health. Create a favorable environment for good bacteria and healthy microflora to flourish.

We carry it all!

New products released every week.

At the Elements Store, we carry it all: homeopathics, vitamins, minerals, protein powders, adaptogens, essential fats, teas, toothpaste, floss, and much more. And we want to give you access to our products no matter where you’re located! That’s why we’re hard at work creating our online store. You don’t have to wait any longer to see what goodies we have to offer. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us. We will gladly place special orders for our customers and patients. And be sure to check back, because we’ll be introducing 5-10 new products every single week!

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Support for a Healthy Lifestyle

We all know the benefits of eating a healthy diet, adequate water intake, daily exercise, and stress reduction. Unfortunately, due to our modern agricultural system, indoor living, and our high paced lives those benefits are not always enough to maintain optimal health and well-being. We have sadly created a world where we are just surviving, not thriving. We want to help change that by giving our customers a place to obtain products, resources and education that will get them to a place where they thrive.

Why does it matter where I buy supplements?

Supplement manufacturers are not required to get FDA approval before selling dietary supplements. They also are not required to prove clinical efficacy like pharmaceuticals are. This makes it possible for products to hit that market that may not contain what they claim to have (or worse have toxic ingredients). Counterfeit products are also lurking in the well-known shopping sites making it hard to know as a consumer what you are truly buying.

That is why we created our store. We are committed to supplying our patients and customers with quality products that contain exactly what is on the label, no unnecessary ingredients, properly stored without all the middlemen.  We only work with reputable companies that are in alignment with our mission.

Why choose us?

When you buy from the Elements Store, you can reap the following benefits:

Reduced Exposure to Toxins

We work hard to find products that are pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide -free. Reducing your exposure to these toxins can lower your risk for inflammation and oxidative stress.

No Artificial colors or Fillers

Supplements purchased at drug stores and other big-box retailers often contain artificial dyes (to make them look pretty) and fillers (to dilute the potency). Our products contain only the necessary ingredients needed for proper delivery and shelf life.

Quality Nutrients

The products we carry have been third party verified and are confirmed to have the potency indicated on the label.

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